Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WILD CARROT SEED: The Earth's Gift for SAFE, Effective, Natural Birth Control!

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WILD CARROT SEED is the earth's gift for safe, effective, & natural birth control! 

Pharmaceutical birth control pills/ implants, chemical spermicides, and IUDs wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and feminine powers. We should all be educated about this potent natural option...

The use of WILD CARROT SEED was first documented over 2000 years ago - though it has likely been in use much longer. Medical doctors do not learn about this in medical school! 

There are *very* specific ways to take this beneficial herb. *Note that it's powers may be compromised by antibiotics or pharmaceutical birth control, among a couple other factors (see article). It is generally very effective when taken PROPERLY. 

It even has many unique health benefits. 

It does not interfere permanently with fertility and it does not cause any reproductive damage. Fertile women have gone on to have healthy pregnancies after using it.

My friends who are midwives, doulas, and herbalists have all recommended it.

You can find great, fresh seeds at the Scarlet Sage herb store in SF.

Of course, this option is recommended for tested partners. Safe sex is still a vital consideration.

Here is a great article by Robin Rose Bennet, an herbalist who has abundant, long-term experience with wild carrot seet.

Ultimately, birth control is a very personal decision. Every woman deserves to be fully educated about all the options - and fully empowered when it comes to her own body.

I hope this information helps!

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